Cat 777D ISRI Suspension seat for the Trainer

We were asked to supply and install a suspension seat into at Caterpillar 777D Truck for the trainer to reduce the vibration that they receive and make it a all round more comfortable ride.

If anybody has ever sat in the Buddy seat for more that 10 minutes you soon come to realise that there isn’t much room and the 2″ piece of foam that you sit on isn’t very comfortable.

To fit the seat we had to remove the steel framed box and the original seat and re engineer the mounting, we then fitted the new seat and riser. The ISRI 6500/577 seat we used has a high backrest and a 3″ lap retractable seat-belt . The ISRI 6500/577 seat has automatic self leveling suspension so the trainer doesn’t need to adjust the air ride of the seat.

 The total time to modify the cab and fit  the seat was 5 hours and involved 2 people. I think the time it took to complete the job adds a extra level of comfort to any person unfortunate to that has to sit in the seat for a extended period of time.